The theme song Go Listen Go preview - The Christmas Waltz it'll
make you feel the magic, the spirit, the love, and maybe even sadness.
The theme song version No.2 Go Listen The Christmas Waltz2
Elly's theme song Go Listen Go preview - Elly
From the chapter Ghosts and Monsters Go Listen Ghost

On the 5th day of the 5th month in Cat Felicity, there is
a festival at Mooneye Beach to celebrate Mery's Day.
Each year, a guest singer takes the stone stage at the foot
of Mery's statue, and performs "Thank You Mery"
to kickstart the festivities.
Last year, the Tubbs were the guest performers.
Go Listen Go preview - Thank You Mery
This is a fun song by the Tubbs which'll make you wanna
whistle and skip? Go Listen Go listen to Whistle & Skip

Joel the singing cat