Lenkin - he is Aye's older brother
Loor - he is commander of the Cat Clan
Luka - she is also known as the Petupia Express
Maggie, the walrus - she is the Animal God of Petupia
Masa - he is the Lizard King and the greatest charmer
Mayor Wibs - he is the mayor of Cat Felicity
Min - he is the Popba sporty penguin
Moonglade - he is Lord of the Cat Clan
Mr. Dunits - he is the train engineer chimpanzee
Mr. Kubal - he is the monkey golden coin tree owner
Mr. Tiiba - he is a fishercat & a member of The Tubbs
Mrs. Darienne - she is Sunray's dolphin teacher
Mrs. Hazel - she is the nail stylist cat
Ms. Peachmo - she is a storekeeper cat
Ms.Tova - she is the interior design cat
Neni - she is Elwin's older sister & a member of The Tubbs
Pira, the oleander fish - he guards Maggie's snack bar
Professor Neknone - he is Doctor Deporrus' older brother
Pow - he is the Popba sporty crab
Referee Jabbie - he is a myopic skunk and Popba referee
Renato - she is the Popba sporty turtle
Saber - he is the blue guard of the Cat Clan
Salley, the magical comet - she is Masa's good friend
Samby - he is Mrs.Hazel's hyper son
Secof's - Joel's parents
Selby, the lizard - she is Joel & The Tubbs' biggest fan